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Towson DUI Attorneys

Towson is one of Maryland’s most vibrant towns. Shops, bars, and restaurants are plentiful and the nightlife is perfect for college students. Student life aside, Towson is home to more than 55,000 people. Any college town is prone to a little bit of excessive drinking, with two schools and well over 20,000 students, Towson is no exception. For worker bees and students alike, a DUI can derail your plans and be detrimental to your livelihood. If you find dealing with a DUI arrest, you’ll need the best defense attorney at your side.

DUIs and Towson

Towson’s home county, Baltimore County, is no stranger to DUI arrests. 2010 statistics place Baltimore County as the third highest in terms of DUI charges. As one of the most populated areas in the county, it is easy to imagine that more than a few Towson residents found themselves on the wrong side of Maryland’s DUI laws. The vast majority of people arrested, end up with a guilty verdict. In this state, that can mean high fines, license point, and even the potential of jail time. With the threat of such heavy consequences, why would you risk hiring the wrong defense attorney?

Why you need a DUI attorney

You already know that a DUI can carry some pretty intimidating repercussions. When it comes to a DUI though, the arrest and the fines are only a few of the nerve-wracking things you’ll have to deal with. A court room can be extremely menacing for anyone. The judge, jury, and police officer have your fate in their hands, and you might find yourself feeling powerless. Officials have little sympathy for DUI offenders and tend to see you more as your charge than as a person. The right DUI attorney can rewrite the script and give you back some agency.

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