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Maryland City Criminal Defense and DUI Attorneys

In the state of Maryland, nearly 24,000 people are arrested annually for driving under the influence of alcohol. With numbers like that, it is likely that a few of Maryland City’s 7,000 residents have found themselves on the wrong end of the state’s DUI law. When you are charged with drunk driving, your whole life can change. A conviction ensures serious consequences. Not only will you face punishment under the law, but you will find yourself paying massive fees that amount to a small fortune, and your friends and family may never look at you the same. With the help of Bruce Robinson & Associates, however, you can resume your normal life and get back on the right track.

                What You Need to Know about DUIs in Maryland City

It is easy to think that the warnings and statistics do not apply to you, but anyone can be hit with a DUI charge. Maryland City is situated in one of the state’s worst areas for DUIs. In 2010 Anne Arundel County saw nearly 2,500 arrests. This means that the county accounted for roughly 10 percent of the state’s arrests. Maryland City drivers likely contributed to this high number. A vast majority of those arrested were convicted. Without the right defense attorney, you are statistically more likely to find yourself with a DUI conviction on your record.

What Bruce Robinson & Associates Can Do for You

When you are slapped with a DUI charge, you need the right representation and in Maryland City, Bruce Robinson & Associates are the best. Don’t let your case fall into the wrong hands. Defending citizens that are facing DUI charges is not as simple as it sounds, and a less experienced attorney could fumble your case. With Bruce Robinson & Associates, you get years of experience, and a team of capable attorneys. Judges and juries are quick to assume guilt in these cases, but they don’t know or understand the particular details and circumstances of your charge. We will work to make sure justice is on your side.

Choose Bruce Robinson & Associates for your criminal defense

Bruce Robinson & Associates has a consistent record of success in criminal defense cases. During one of your most powerless and chaotic moments, put your trust in capable hands. With the right defense attorney, you can reclaim your innocence and your life. We can handle your defense for charges such as:

  • DUI and DWI
  • Assault
  • Drug Distribution/Possession
  • Robbery

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