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DUI Lawyers that Rosedale Residents Can Count On

Located just on the outskirts of Baltimore, Rosedale is home to 19,257 people. As residents of Baltimore County, the people of Rosedale have no doubt felt the increased pressure from police forces trying to ensure that they fulfill a high average quota for DUI and DWI arrests. In 2010 alone, there were over 700 people in the county found guilty of driving under the influence. With the right DUI attorneys, however, this number could potentially change.

 Police Pressure Leads to More DUI Arrests and Convictions

 Cops are given certain quotas to fill for arrests made in their areas of jurisdiction to show the “higher-ups” that they are doing an effective job. But is your job really being done effectively if you are routinely arresting people who were not technically breaking the law? Drivers pulled over on suspicion of DUI may blow under the legal limit and perform well on field sobriety tests, and yet they will be arrested anyway simply to become another statistic. How can a DUI lawyer change this?

 What to Do If You Are Arresting for DUI in Rosedale

 If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law and facing a DUI charge, there are only a few feasible options for you to take. On the one hand, you could give up, as far too many people do, and give in, believing that the justice system will handle your case the way they’ll handle it regardless of your attempts to intervene. On the other hand, however, you could elect to fight back and to seek out a qualified DUI attorney to advocate on your behalf. The second is the far more effective of the two options.

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 If you want to get proactive and start protecting your rights in your DUI case, then you need to call the DUI lawyers at Bruce Robinson & Associates. Our team will work tirelessly on your behalf to clear your name and to help you avoid the long-term consequences that plague those convicted of a DUI. Whether you have been charged with


-Drug Distribution

-Traffic-related crimes


-or any other criminal offense,

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