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DUI Attorneys in Stevenson Maryland

Stevenson, Maryland is home to the main campus of Stevenson University. Its long history in Baltimore County, great transportation, and proximity to the city make it a great residential location for commuters. The combination of cars and students can make for a raised number of DUIs. If you’re a Stevenson resident and you are facing a DUI charge, contact Bruce Robinson & Associates for help.

DUI statistics to know for Baltimore County

In the year 2010, Baltimore County ranked among the top three counties with the most DUI arrests. For that year, police recorded almost 2,500 DUI arrests. Unfortunately, only 86 people were able to walk out of the courtroom and return to their normal lives unscathed. It’s hard to believe that such a vast majority of people arrested for a DUI are actually guilty. Perhaps the number of people who were found innocent would be higher if more people invested in good defense attorneys.

Why should I hire a DUI defense lawyer?

When you walk into a courtroom to face your accusers alone, you will feel exposed, embarrassed, and intimidated. You don’t have training and experience on your side when you defend yourself against a DUI charge. When you hire a defense attorney, you’ll have just that. The right defense attorney will know just how to appeal to a judge and jury. You’re small mistake should not be allowed to ruin your future. If you’re convicted, you’ll face fines that total up to $1,000, you’ll find yourself with a suspended license, and you could even spend up to a year in jail. These are just the consequences for first time offender. Don’t leave you hopes and dreams in the hands of strangers. Contact a DUI defense attorney to help you through the process and give you the best chance at success.

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When you’re looking for the best defense lawyer to handle your DUI case, Bruce Robinson & Associates should be your choice. With the law offices of Bruce Robinson & Associates you’ll find a highly qualified team of attorneys to help sort out any of your criminal charges. We’ll give you a free consultation to show you that we truly are the best. Armed with a great defense attorney and a strategy for success, you’ll be in good hands. Contact us for help beating your charges of:

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