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DUI Attorneys in Sparrows Point Maryland

Sparrows Point, Maryland has a long and storied history that dates back to the 1600s. Over centuries, Sparrows Point was home to Native American tribes, steel production, and shipyards. Today the Baltimore County area is mostly residential, and is home to only about 9,000 residents. If you’re arrested for a DUI in Sparrows Point, a defense attorney can help you avoid becoming a negative blip on the town’s historical radar.

DUIs statistics to know for Baltimore County

In 2010 Baltimore County residents accounted for just fewer than 2,500 DUI arrests. This high number put Baltimore County among the top three Maryland counties with the most DUI arrests for that year. If this number isn’t shocking, consider the fact that only 86 of the Baltimore County residents that were arrested for driving under the influence were acquitted of their charges. Unfortunately for some of your Sparrows Point neighbors, a majority of those arrested had to face the harsh consequences that go along with a DUI conviction.

Why should I hire a DUI defense attorney?

In recent years, Maryland state law has cracked down on DUI offenders. Though this does encourage safe driving practices, it can seriously affect the livelihoods of people who make one innocent mistake. Your whole life should not be defined by one moment, and the right defense attorney can help you move on from this mess. Judges, juries, and police officers want to make an example out of you. Hire a defense attorney, and don’t let them. Your future should not rest in the hands of strangers. A defense attorney will get to know the specifics of your case, and advocate for your innocence. Facing a courtroom full of people with a great deal of perceived power can be intimidating and sometimes embarrassing. You’ll feel small and weak if you face them alone. With a defense attorney by your side, you can regain the confidence you need to be victorious in the courtroom.

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