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Finding a DUI Attorney in Arbutus Maryland

As one of Baltimore County’s thriving communities, Arbutus is home to approximately 20,483 Marylanders. And out of these Arbutus residents, the chances are that some will, at one point in their lives, end up face to face with a county police officer at a routine traffic stop. But what if that traffic stop proves to be less routine than usual?

 DUI Charges Can Result From Arbutus Traffic Stops

A police officer who pulls you over might have noticed any number of things that raised his or her suspicions: an unlit tail light, an expired tag, or some minor detail along those lines. Once they’ve pulled you over, however, they might feel that they have seen enough to ask you to perform a sobriety test. That drink or two earlier in the night could come back to haunt you, as the cop now believes you are driving under the influence.

 For Legal Representation in Arbutus, Where Can You Turn?

 Police officers can oftentimes use traffic stops to root out people that they think they can get away with charging with a DUI. Even if you complied with the sobriety test and had an under-the-limit blood alcohol content, the police might still try to take advantage of the so-called proof they have found in order to reach certain DUI arrest quotas. With the immense amount of pressure of a case like this, how can you hope to defend yourself?

 DUI Lawyers and Criminal Defense Attorneys On Your Side

 If you have been unfairly charged with a DUI and need legal representation in Arbutus, then The Law Offices of Bruce Robinson & Associates is here to help you. Our team understands that you may need a DUI lawyer to help you fight an unjustified charge or to help defend you against a wide range of other criminal charges, including:

-Drug Possession

-DWI Charges

-Assault on a Police Officer

-Robbery Charges

-and much more

Far too often, those who have been charged with a DUI believe that this one-time occurrence will come to permanently affect the rest of their lives. But this does not have to be the case if you have qualified legal experts on your side. Bruce Robinson & Associates offers a free initial consultation on your case- get in touch today to schedule yours!

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