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Locating a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Meade Maryland

The primarily military community around Fort Meade is an area with a high number of DUI and DWI arrests. In 2013 alone, 2,259 cases of DUI or DWI were filed in Anne Arundel County, with many of them originating in Fort Meade. Police throughout Maryland have stepped up their enforcement efforts against impaired driving, and the Fort Meade community is just one of the areas to see an increase in arrests.

A DUI in Fort Meade Can Have Serious Consequences

Fort Meade is a unique community that is completely linked to the military presence at the Fort Meade Army Base. If you’re charged with a DUI in Fort Meade, and you are either in the military or do work on the base grounds, the effects of your charges could seriously hurt your employment prospects. Several high profile Fort Meade DUI cases in recent years have resulted in Army officers and enlisted servicemen facing suspensions and other punishment from the Army, not to mention the legal punishments from the courts.

Protect Your Rights with an Experienced DUI Attorney

Even if this is your first offense, a DUI charge can carry significant penalties. Driving privileges, employment in certain areas, and travel restrictions could all be impacted by a conviction.  A DUI attorney with experience on cases exactly like yours can help you understand your rights and decide the best course of action to take in court. Knowledge of the laws surrounding DUI cases is essential in a DUI attorney’s efforts to have your penalties reduced or suspended. The Law Offices of Bruce Robinson & Associates offers support to military and non-military Fort Meade residents facing DUI cases.

Fort Meade Criminal Defense? Call Attorney Bruce Robinson

For cases other than DUI, such as drug possession, assault or criminal mischief, The Law Offices of Bruce Robinson & Associates are highly experienced in navigating the Anne Arundel County court system. Without help from a criminal defense lawyer, you’ll be facing an uphill battle. Let our attorneys help if you’ve been charged with:

  • Traffic offenses
  • Drug possession
  • Assault
  • Criminal mischief
  • DUI
  • DWI
  • Other criminal offenses

Your first consultation with our legal team is free of charge. Our DUI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys will fight to get you the best possible outcome.

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