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Choosing the Right DUI Attorney in Annapolis Maryland

Even esteemed residents of our state’s capital city aren’t exempt from the occasional DUI arrest. Though it isn’t Maryland’s largest city, Annapolis is perhaps our most important. Annapolis residents represent our state to the entire country and should not have to deal with a DUI arrest marring their record and hitting their bank accounts.

                Are DUIs a Problem in Annapolis?

Annapolis is located in Anne Arundel County and as such, contributes to the thousands of DUI arrests that are made yearly. In 2010 Anne Arundel County had the fifth highest number of DUI arrests in the state with 2,009. With roughly 40,000 people, Annapolis residents likely had a vital role in raising this number. Of the 2,009 arrests only a meager 74 people were found innocent of their crimes.

The Right DUI Attorney Can Make All the Difference

Every DUI arrest is different, but judges and juries are guilty of treating them all the same. You need a criminal defense attorney that believes in your innocence and understands just how damaging a guilty conviction can be to your life. In Annapolis you have the law offices of Bruce Robinson & Associates on your side. The right attorney with solid and trusted experience can help you put your life back together. With Bruce Robinson & Associates you will be treated like a person instead of a statistic.

For Criminal Defense in Annapolis Contact Bruce Robinson & Associates

A criminal arrest can be an overwhelming thing for even the most confident person. You simply do not have the expertise to deal with legalese and complex statutes. Your best bet is to seek help and advice from a team of attorneys that know the game and have been playing it for years. Whether you are fighting a DUI or another criminal charge, call Bruce Robinson & Associates to put innocence back on the table. Our trained professionals will help you navigate a difficult sea and increase your chances of success. Seek help with charges related to:

  • Assault
  • Robbery
  • Drug Possession/Distribution

Your case may seem impossible to win, but with a free consultation, Bruce Robinson and Associates can restore hope and provide you with an excellent strategy that will significantly increase your chances of success in the court room.

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