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Finding a Baltimore County DUI Lawyer to Defend Your Case

DUI arrests can be absolutely devastating, and for many Baltimore County residents, the escalation of an arrest to a conviction is enough to derail their entire lives. A DUI conviction can lead to any number of grave consequences, from losing your job to leaving you in financial ruin to breaking apart your home and family.

 Vital Baltimore County DUI Statistics to Be Aware Of

According to statistics that were compiled in 2010, there were a total of 2,459 DUI and DWI cases filed in that year. Of the cases that then were tried, only 86 resulted in a Not Guilty verdict. This means that only 86 of those people were allowed to return to living their lives as normal; the rest had to deal with the extensive challenges that a DUI conviction poses.

 A DUI Attorney Can Help You Get Your Life Back

 Rather than allowing the police, judge, and jury to take away your chances of living a normal and happy life, you need to take action in the face of your DUI charge. A DUI attorney is your best bet here, but not just any DUI attorney. The lawyers that you select to represent you should be as invested in getting your life back on track as you are, and they should have the years of expertise and prior successes that show they are capable of doing so. In short, they should be the DUI lawyers from The Law Offices of Bruce Robinson & Associates.

 For Criminal Defense in Baltimore County, Call Bruce Robinson

 Though you may feel powerless when facing a serious criminal charge, you can take your power and agency back by hiring a team of experienced lawyers from Bruce Robinson & Associates. With their skills on your side, you can successfully battle the courts no matter what you have been charged with, including:

-DUI and DWI cases

-Assault cases

-Drug Distribution/Possession cases

-Robbery cases

Our team is home to criminal defense attorneys who have supported and represented clients just like you for years, and we have gotten them the same positive results that you are hoping for. Want to see for yourself? You can schedule a free consultation with our team to determine what the best approach to your case will be and how, together, we can go about winning it.

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