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Vehicular Manslaughter Attorney

The Importance of Hiring a Maryland Vehicular Manslaughter Attorney

Vehicular manslaughter homicide (driving death) in Maryland is a serious crime with serious penalties that usually includes prison time. The amount of prison time an individual could receive will likely be based on the factual circumstances of their case.

Vehicular manslaughter often refers to the killing of an individual, or a viable fetus, through the reckless operation of a vehicle. Additionally, vehicular manslaughter is sometimes referred to as vehicular homicide. The reckless action can be caused by gross negligence or by criminal negligence. Suspects are often charged with a felony that brings with it serious consequences.

Many times, it is not exactly clear what circumstances led to a serious and deadly car accident where an individual has lost their life. In nearly every type of accident, someone will be pointing the blame at another for the cause. Additionally, if there is any evidence that driving while intoxicated is involved, the prosecutor will likely charge the suspect with negligent homicide. In the event that the serious charges stick, the consequences could be serious including significant jail time, heavy fines and a loss of their driver’s license.

Hiring an Experienced Attorney

If you, or a loved one, have been charged with vehicular manslaughter, it is essential to retain the skills of a competent Maryland vehicular manslaughter attorney as quickly as possible. This is because an experienced lawyer can build a solid defense in your case and investigate the case early on. In the event that your actions caused the accident where another individual was killed, you might possibly be facing a negligent vehicle homicide charge if you were:

  • Distracted while driving (including texting)
  • Driving at an excessive speed over the limit
  • Driving recklessly, such as drag-racing
  • Falling asleep behind the wheel when operating a vehicle
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

Maryland authorities consider any accident involving manslaughter a serious crime. However, it was obviously not your intention to cause harm to anyone, and are surprised that you are facing criminal charges. While your involvement in a deadly accident might be serious, it is no indicator that you are a criminal. In fact, an experienced attorney might be able to show that authorities may not be justified in bringing felony homicide charges against you or were to quick to reach judgment as they sometimes can be.

Building a Defense

Once you retain an experienced vehicular homicide/manslaughter attorney, the lawyer can begin the process of building your defense. The attorney will have the experience and understanding of Maryland law to know what it takes to achieve a positive outcome on your case. Your attorney will be able to use proven defense strategies in the defense of motor vehicle homicide charges that include:

  • Reconstructing the Accident – Your skilled attorney can develop the case by collecting evidence from the accident scene. This would include traffic camera footage, photographs, testimony from eyewitnesses, and a complete and accurate measurement of the accident scene. This evidence might be able to prove how you are not responsible for causing the crash.
  • Establishing a Vehicle Defect – Through extensive research, your skilled attorney might be able to determine that there was a defect in the vehicles involved in the crash. In fact, the attorney may be able to prove that the vehicle manufacturer is liable for subsequent damages, and not you.
  • Proving Insufficient Evidence – The attorney might be able to show a lack of causation between your actions and the fatality involved.
  • Excluding Evidence That Incriminates – If you were not read your Miranda rights when you were arrested, or your alcohol or drug test was administered improperly, your attorney might be able to have the evidence excluded.
  • Providing Intervening Causes – Your attorney might be able to show that it was not your actions but unforeseeable events including the conduct of animals or weather conditions that led to the fatal vehicle accident.

Skilled Representation Can Help

A motor vehicle homicide conviction will likely be a life-altering with serious consequences. It could result in spending a significant amount of time in jail, along with losing your driver’s license and paying costly fines. To avoid lasting repercussions including the loss of providing family maintenance or holding down a job, it is essential to retain skilled representation that can protect your legal rights. With 20 years successfully defending criminal cases, it is important to contact Robinson & Associates for an immediate and free consultation at 443-524-7395.

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