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Robbery Laws

Robbery Laws in Maryland

In Maryland, robbery charges may be filed in any situation in which a person is believed to have taken the property of another person or entity by the use of violence or through fear. While the definition of what constitutes such a charge is pretty consistent across the country, the fact remains that Maryland is known for being among the harshest states when it comes to the penalties and consequences for being convicted of such a crime. Therefore, if you are currently facing robbery charges in Maryland, there is a chance that you could end in jail for quite some time. In addition, you could be subject to heavy fines and penalties.

Specifically, such a crime is considered to be a felony, which is the most serious level of crimes that exists in the United States legal system. Felonies stay on a person’s record for life and can be grounds for being denied employment, loans, the right to own a firearm, and even approval to rent a property. Felons also have restrictions placed upon them when it comes to voting. The penalties for a robbery charge can include up to 15 years in prison and heavy fines. Furthermore, if a weapon was used to commit the crime, that prison sentence will likely increase to 20 years. And this is all for a first offense.

Tips for Fighting a Charge

If you have been arrested and charged with robbery, whether it be with a weapon or not, then you will want to start by hiring a defense attorney as soon as possible. Do this before you speak to any police officers (which is never a good idea), as anything you say prior to having legal representation can and will be used against you in court as per Miranda Law. Instead, it is best to start by speaking to a lawyer so that you can become informed as to what will be your best plan of action.

In some cases, a plea arrangement with the state is a good idea based upon the facts of a given case. A plea bargain can be one way to have charges reduced as a way of possibly avoiding jail time. Of course if the evidence does not support the crime or if you firmly believe that you are innocent of the charges, then a jury trial may be the way to go.

Fighting such charges and going through the rigors of a jury trial can be a daunting experience but many times it is warranted. With the help of an experienced and trial tested lawyer, it is not an impossibility. An accomplished lawyer will be able to investigate the specifics of your case, including your past record and all the evidence that is available in your case. From there, he will be able to prepare and present a compelling case advocating for your innocence in a court of law. All of this will be done with the goal of having the jury find you NOT GUILTY and/or possibly having the charges dropped or reduced at the outset.

Of course, you should never rely on just any lawyer to assist you with such a potentially life altering case. Instead, you should choose a lawyer who specializes in charges such as yours. This way, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that lawyer has plenty of knowledge and experience of the specific Maryland laws surrounding your case. As a result, you will have the best chances of either having your charges lessened or perhaps even having them dropped altogether, depending on the facts of the given case.

Overall, such a charge is one that should be taken very seriously. You should not just sit back and let the court system do its’ thing without a vigorous fight. Instead, you deserve a fighting chance and quality legal representation in court, so be sure to contact Robinson & Associates at 443-524-7395 to schedule a free and immediate consultation today.

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