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Helping Your Possession Case

How Aggressive Attorneys Can Help with Your Maryland Drug Possession Case

Drug possession in Maryland is a serious offense. Despite the push to legalize marijuana, possession of that and other drugs can be detrimental to your legal health. You can be charged with a simple drug possession, possession with intent to sell, or even accused in a trafficking case. The consequences of any one of these charges can be significant if you are convicted. Because of that, it is important to retain experienced trial counsel as soon as you are charged and before you say anything against your interest.

It is crucial to hire an aggressive drug crime lawyer as soon as you have been arrested, especially if you might be charged with intent to distribute or a trafficking charge. This is because a skilled and qualified attorney can begin the negotiation process with the state attorney’s office early on to either reduce the charges or look for a way out completely.

The Negotiation Process

Completing thorough investigation early on and talking to the state in some cases can be most beneficial in terms of reducing “intent to sell” charges to possession or something less. This is important to help avoid a Maryland drug possession with intent to sell prison sentence that brings with it a mandatory minimum of two years in a state penitentiary.

Intent to sell specific drugs including PCP, LSD, cocaine and heroin have prison cap maximum sentences of up to 20 years, with extensive fines. The earlier the process of negotiation begins, the easier it is to avoid a conviction for felony drug charges.

Common Drug Charges

A drug charge in the state of Maryland often refers to a specific offense involving abuse of a controlled substance. These can include prescription medications, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana. Any illegal activity involving drugs will fall under Maryland drug possession laws for prosecution and punishment. The most common drug charges include:

  • Possession
  • Selling
  • Distribution
  • Possession with the Intent to Sell or Distribute

Penalties upon Conviction

The penalties you could suffer based on Maryland drug possession laws are often dependent on a variety of factors. These often include the kind of drugs and the amount along with where the offense occurred. If other crimes were involved in the case, or if minors were present, your case could lead to severe penalties if you are convicted of the charges. The consequences you could receive for a conviction range from fines, a permanent drug possession criminal record, to extensive prison time.

In addition to the overwhelming legal consequences of a drug conviction, you may experience additional negative impacts on your life. These include your ability to locate a place to live or find employment. A skilled Maryland attorney that has a comprehensive understanding of federal and state drug laws can assess the evidence in your case, in an effort to provide the best outcome for you.

Errors and Arguments

Experienced counsel is important because there is a long road between a drug charge and a drug conviction. Our attorneys are trained to look for errors in police procedure along with other constitutional or substantive arguments that could have charges reduced or dropped or won at trial.

The experienced lawyers at Robinson & Associates have been handling Maryland drug possession cases for over 20 years. The lawyers have developed a strong reputation at trial. In addition, they are experts at finding favorable alternatives and options when dealing with the criminal justice system, especially for first-time offenders and simple possession cases. Contact Robinson & Associates for an immediate and free consultation at 443-524-7395.

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