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Fighting Possession of Handgun Charges

Fighting Possession of Handgun Charges in Maryland

Today, perhaps more than ever, handgun laws are extremely strict. Many states are reforming their laws to make it more difficult for citizens to obtain firearms, and other regulations are even making it more difficult to obtain certain types of firearms, such as semi-automatics and assault rifles. Maryland is no exception when it comes to states with strict gun laws. In fact, Maryland has become one of the most difficult states with the possession of guns and the right to carry. You can face very serious consequences for being found illegally in possession of a firearm and even worse when there is a gun in possession while committing a crime.

There are many situations in which a person may be illegally possessing a handgun. The most common situation is that of having a handgun without having registered it and obtaining a legal permit for it through the Maryland State police. In many cases, people are charged with illegal possession of handgun when attempting to transport the weapon in a vehicle. Upon being puled over, an officer will take such an offense very seriously, as it puts him or her in danger.

There are other common situations in which a person can be charged with illegal possession of handgun. For example, convicted felons are not permitted to own firearms in the state of Maryland. Any convicted felon found with a handgun in his or her possession can face a serious charge, as can anybody who commits a felony with a handgun. Furthermore, those attempting to carry a firearm without a special permit to do so will be charged with illegal possession of a firearm.

Possible Legal Consequences

Being convicted of illegal possession of a firearm can bring upon some very serious consequences in the state of Maryland. Specifically, a first-time offense is a misdemeanor that can be punishable by hefty fines and time in jail. On the other hand, illegally carrying a gun in a school zone or on state grounds is cause for a mandatory minimum sentence of 90 days in jail. More serious gun possession offenses, such as that of committing a felony with an illegal firearm, can result in up to 20 years in prison with a mandatory 5 years for the possession of the gun. Furthermore, these charges stay on a convicted person’s record for the rest of their lives, possibly making it difficult for them to land a job or do anything else that requires them to pass a criminal background check.

Taking on an Illegal Possession Charge

Unfortunately, a large number of gun charges stem from the person simply not being knowledgeable about state gun laws. However, ignorance of the law is not an excuse or a way out of a conviction. Fortunately, having the right legal representation can help a person to get their charges reduced or possibly dropped altogether. Without quality legal representation, however, most people charged with gun-related crimes will end up facing a conviction on the original charge.

If you have been charged with illegal possession of a handgun, then you may be wondering where you can go to find a reputable and aggressive lawyer who will truly fight for you in court. Fortunately, choosing the right lawyer does not need to be difficult. Consider starting by looking for a lawyer who specializes in handling gun possession charges. Furthermore, you will want to hire a lawyer who has proven success with getting clients’ gun charges reduced or dropped in the past.

It is also a good idea to consult with a lawyer prior to hiring them so that you can find out exactly what they think they can do for you based on the specifics of your case and your past record.

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