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The Administrative Penalties of a DUI

When facing a DUI charge, many people are preoccupied with thoughts of whether they will face jail time after their criminal trial and what fines that they will incur. Unfortunately, these are not the only concerns that drivers should be worrying about when they are facing a DUI. During your MVA administrative hearing, the judge will decide whether you should be allowed to drive and, if so, under what restrictions. Learn more about the possible administrative penalties that you may face after a DUI in today’s blog.


The administrative penalties that come with a DUI are no joke.

The Administrative Penalties of a DUI

Suspended license

One of the most common administrative penalties you will face after being charged with a DUI is a suspended license. While your license will not necessarily be suspended after a DUI, it is a very common outcome. If your blood alcohol content was below .15 and this was your first offense then your license will likely be suspended for 45 days, whereas a second offense will usually come with a 90-day suspension. For a first offense, the terms of suspension may be flexible to allow you to commute to your job while a second offense generally will not make any work accommodations.

Interlock system

If your license is suspended, but you are allowed exceptions for work then you will likely be required to have an interlock device installed in your car. An interlock is a small device about the size of a stapler that is hardwired into your ignition system and does not allow the car to be turned on until the driver has submitted a breath sample. If the breath sample does not contain alcohol then the car starts as normal. However, if the device records a BAC of .02 or higher, it will not allow the car to start and will transmit this information to the MVA. For each failed breath attempt, the MVA will generally add a month to your probationary period. If the breath test is failed more than 3 times then the driver will usually be removed from the program. Working with an experienced Maryland criminal lawyer can help avoid this outcome


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