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An Overview of Crime in Baltimore in 2015

For Baltimore, 2015 was quite a year. The city was in the news for its record number of homicides and after the unrest that erupted in April after the death of Freddie Gray, quite a lot of attention has been paid to Charm City. Despite the publicity and the upsurge of homicides, taking a month-over-month view of crime in Baltimore shows that overall crime was actually lower in 2015 than in the year before. Learn more in today’s blog.


Crime in Baltimore has been on everyone’s minds.

Homicides and shootings rose significantly

As has been extensively reported, Baltimore experienced a record number of homicides in 2015: The city ended the year with a total count of 344 killings, making it the deadliest year in the city’s history. The number of non-fatal shootings also rose in 2015.

Aggravated assaults tapered off

Comparisons of aggravated assaults tallied in November show a decline in the number of aggravated assaults since last year. This year, 302 incidents were reported over the course of the month whereas the year before, the number was 359 during this time.

Common assaults have also become less frequent

An analysis of the same time period shows that common assaults also took a dip compared to last year’s number. During the month of November, Baltimore experienced 530 common assaults, a decrease of about 5% under 2014’s high of 559 and about 30% lower than 2013’s total of 630.

Robberies were less common in 2015 than previous years

In October of 2015, a total of 360 robberies were recorded. This is quite a bit lower than it was in 2014 when 430 robberies were recorded during the same period. While Baltimore has a reputation for high property crime, it is reassuring to note that this type of crime is within the realm of normal for the city.

While crime is still objectively high in Baltimore, it is important to recognize that the rise in homicides is not necessarily reflective of an overall increase in crime in the city.



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