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Medical Marijuana Licenses Expected to Be Delayed Due to High Response

Maryland’s medical marijuana program is already booming before it’s even begun, with more than 1000 applications being received for a total of just over 150 licenses. The vast majority of applicants are seeking one of the states 94 dispensary licenses and while approval was expected by early January, officials are now expecting the process to be delayed due to the large number of applications that must now be reviewed. Learn all about the state of medical marijuana in today’s blog.


The deadline for Maryland medical marijuana licenses has passed.

Medical Marijuana Licenses Expected to Be Delayed Due to High Response

Maryland medical marijuana

Under the guidelines of Maryland’s medical marijuana program, only two dispensary licenses will be distributed per senatorial district. This will bring a total of 94 licenses throughout the state, but competition will be fierce: 811 applications were received for the coveted spots.

A marijuana dispensary is essentially the retail portion of the business that involves selling product directly to consumers. The other licenses being offered are for growers (those who actually farm and manufacture the marijuana) and processors (who process the plant into its usable form). Grow licenses were the next most popular, with 146 applications being received while only 124 entities applied for processing licenses. While processing licenses are unlimited and thus applicants will likely be approved if they meet state standards, only 15 licenses will be awarded to growers.

High fees were expected to lessen demand

Many questioned whether the program would receive an enthusiastic response as the fees associated with marijuana licensing in Maryland are the second highest in the country, trailing only behind Illinois. A grower’s license will cost $125,000 for 2 years while for dispensaries the fee will be $40,000. However, the high costs didn’t seem to dampen any enthusiasm for the program with far more applications being received than officials expected. Due to the high demand, it is likely that licenses won’t be issued until sometime after January.

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