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Maryland Medical Marijuana News From Your Maryland Criminal Lawyer

Since the state of Maryland officially announced that it would legalize medical marijuana and allow facilities to begin growing and selling the drug in 2016, the issue has been a hot-button topic around the state. Those interested in opening growing, processing, and dispensing facilities were required to submit their applications to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission by Friday, November 6th. Learn more about the state of medical marijuana in Maryland in today’s blog.


Keep up with Maryland medical marijuana news in today’s blog.

Maryland Medical Marijuana News From Your Maryland Criminal Lawyer

Maryland medical marijuana licenses

As the debate rages on about whether marijuana should be legalized, scores of savvy entrepreneurs who are keen on getting in on the ground floor of this booming industry submitted the necessary applications for licenses to grow, process, or dispense the drug. Over 350 applications came in from all over the state and demand quickly outpaced supply. Only 15 licenses will be awarded for growing the drug and for dispensing, only 2 facilities will be allowed per senatorial district. There is no cap on the number of licenses that can be awarded to processors.

Maryland has the second highest fees for licenses in the country, behind only Illinois. For growers, a 2 year license will cost $125,000 while the fee for dispensaries will be $40,000. These fees were instituted to ensure that facilities will be financially self-sufficient. State officials have claimed that only a portion of applications they have received have been counted yet they have already received more than triple the number of applications they could accommodate for growers and twice as many applications for dispensaries. Completing the applications costs the average applicant hundreds of thousands of dollars but given the potential profit in the industry, the high fees deterred few. Applications required more than 60 pages of paperwork which included essay questions as well as proof of financial solvency.

The commission will have all applications reviewed by an independent third party which will determine the which will be allowed to move onto the next phase of review. The first operations are expected to open as early as next year.

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