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DUI Lawyers and Criminal Defense Attorneys in Howard County

Recent statistics have shown some troubling numbers coming out of Howard County. Of the twenty-four Maryland counties, Howard ranks as the state’s second in DUI convictions. DUI arrests in that county resulted in an 88.8 percent conviction rate in 2013, according to a study done by the Maryland State’s Attorney Association.

 Why Are Howard County DUI Conviction Rates So High?

While there are those who put it down to good police work, it could be that a high conviction rate for DUI is a result of an abnormally high number of DUI arrests made in Howard County. The more arrests- justified or not- that are made, the higher the conviction rate can become.

 Fighting an Unfair DUI Charge Takes a DUI Attorney’s Help

 When you were arrested for driving under the influence, it might have been the result of an unfortunate combination of circumstances. Maybe you had a drink earlier in the night and so that did register in your blood alcohol content, and maybe the arresting police officer had a quota to fill, pushing him or her to go through with an arrest, regardless of the specifics of your case. This leaves you in an exceptionally vulnerable position, and you may be unsure about how best to proceed. In order to get the justice that you deserve, you need to fight back. You need to find an experienced DUI attorney who can get your name cleared.

 Bruce Robinson & Associates Provide Outstanding Criminal Defense

 Clearing your name is difficult to do without the right legal representation. Luckily, the team of DUI lawyers at Bruce Robinson & Associates have the skills to win your case and help you get your life back on track. And our criminal defense expertise is not just limited to DUI and DWI cases; if you need to fight charges for a crime such as…

-Drug Distribution


-Drugged Driving

-Sex Crimes

…or any other criminal offense, then the Bruce Robinson team can help you succeed in court. We are available around the clock; scheduling an initial consultation is free and allows you to learn how our team will approach- and win- your case. Our DUI lawyers and criminal defense attorneys work with you throughout your case to achieve the outcome you want.

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