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What Are the Consequences of a Second Offense DUI?

Experiencing one DUI is bad but the rules become significantly harsher for second offenders. While outcomes depend on your specific situation, in today’s blog your Baltimore criminal lawyer explains some of the consequences of a second offense DUI.


A second offense DUI comes with serious consequences.

What Are the Consequences of a Second Offense DUI?

What is a repeat offense?

To be considered a second offender, you must have been convicted of a DUI within the past 5 years. A second offense DUI is considered a misdemeanor.

License suspension

If your blood alcohol level was below .15 then you will face having your license suspended for 90 days. If your BAC registered over .15 then the time of suspension doubles to 180 days. In certain circumstances you may be eligible for a restricted license which will allow you to drive to work or school but if you are approved then a special ignition interlock device will have to be installed in your car first.

Insurance requirements

After a second DUI, you will have to obtain an SR22 insurance policy which you will have to maintain for 3 years after your conviction.

Alcohol education

Before getting your driver’s license back (or before obtaining a restricted license) you will be required to complete an alcohol education program.


In addition to the previous consequences, a second DUI comes with significantly higher fines than a first-time offense. If it was just you in the car at the time of the offense then you will face fines of $2000 but if a minor was present that number jumps to $3000. You may be allowed to serve jail time in exchange for smaller fines.

Jail time

For a second offense DUI you will face up to two years of jail time. If there was a minor in the car at the time of your arrest then you could face up to 3 years in jail. Some judges will allow you to pay steeper fines in exchange for reduced jail time.


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