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Tips From Your Baltimore Criminal Attorney on How to Avoid a DUI

A DUI charge is not only embarrassing but can potentially a negative impact your future as well. From the fines and court fees to the lasting effect on your car insurance rates, a DUI is better avoided. In this week’s blog, we share a few tips on avoiding a DUI charge.


Your Baltimore criminal attorney shares tips on avoiding a DUI.

Tips From Your Baltimore Criminal Attorney on How to Avoid a DUI

While it is important to avoid a DUI charge for the sake of your future, it is also important to practice safe driving habits in order to protect the health and safety of other drivers and pedestrians that you meet in the road. Intoxicated drivers lead to approximately 85,000 fatalities every year and account for about 30% of all traffic fatalities annually. On average, a person dies in an alcohol-related accident every 51 minutes. The best way to prevent these types of fatalities is to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. Here are a few tips from your Baltimore criminal attorney on practicing safe drinking and driving habits:

Walk instead of drive

Whenever possible, plan your night out to only visit bars and restaurants which are within comfortable walking distance of your home. Remove the temptation to drink and drive altogether by staying so close to home that it’s just as easy to walk as it is to drive. Added bonus? You’ll naturally burn off some of the calories that you have consumed over the course of the evening!

Consider public transportation

Many people live in suburbs where drinking establishments are not within walking distance from residential neighborhoods. If this is your case, find out whether you could take public transportation instead. Taking a bus for $4 is far more cost-effective in the long-run than dealing with a DUI charge.

Call a cab

A cab is a great option because you can share it with your friends. If your group is planning to meet at a central location to share the cab to start your evening, make sure none of them will have to drive home from that central location unless they have had plenty of time to sober up.

Time it right

On average, it takes the body one hour to metabolize one drink so pace yourself, drink plenty of water, and plan your night so that you have plenty of time after you’ve finished drinking to sober up before you drive. If you plan on binge drinking (that is, consume more than 4 drinks in an evening) then resign yourself to the fact that you will not be able to drive yourself home that night and come up with an alternative plan.

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