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Need Help Avoiding a DUI? There’s an App For That

These days there’s an app for just about anything: You can order groceries from your phone, buy movie tickets, and now, thanks to a new app developed by the Maryland Maryland Transportation Authority, you can gain information to help you avoid a DUI. While it’s up to each driver to make responsible decisions, the app ENDUI can help let you know when you’ve had too much and how long you should wait before getting behind the wheel. Learn more about ENDUI, how it works, and how it can help prevent a life-changing accident in today’s blog.


A recent app can help you avoid a DUI.

Need Help Avoiding a DUI? There’s an App For That

An app to end drunk driving?

ENDUI was released in December of last year in the hopes of helping more Maryland residents avoid drunk driving. The app is available for download online in both the Google and Apple stores.

The app allows a user to enter personal information such as their height, weight, and gender before filling in details about the alcohol they have consumed, including quantities of drinks, types of alcohol consumed, and the timeframe during which they have been drinking. This allows the app to estimate the user’s blood-alcohol content level to determine whether it is safe for them to drive.

In addition to being able to estimate a user’s BAC, the app also offers games that give insights into your reflexes and response times. If a user does poorly, it is suggested that they wait longer before driving.

Lastly, the app even offers the ability to directly call specified friends or cab companies in the case that a user is too impaired to drive, and allows the option to report drivers that the user suspects of driving under the influence. With all of these features available for free download, ENDUI is an incredibly useful tool to keep in your back pocket in order to prevent an unwanted disaster.

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