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Maryland DUI: What Not to Do When You Are Pulled Over for Drunk Driving

When you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, it is important to protect yourself and your legal case by avoiding self-incrimination. The experience of being pulled over is already overwhelming enough and in most cases the police officer probably won’t let you know of your rights so it is incredibly important to be aware of what you should do before any problems arise. Here are 3 things you should not do after you have been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving.


Follow these tips to avoid a Maryland DUI.

Maryland DUI: What Not to Do When You Are Pulled Over for Drunk Driving

Don’t admit that you have been drinking

In most cases, the first question the Maryland officer will ask you is whether or not you have recently been drinking alcohol. Under no circumstances should you admit that you have, even if you’re tempted to tell the officer that it was only a small amount. By admitting that you have been drinking you are at serious risk of being arrested for suspicions of DUI on the spot. You are not legally required to answer the officer’s question so it is much safer to tell the officer that you will not respond to the inquiry.

Do not agree to field sobriety tests

While your officer most likely won’t tell you that you do not have to acquiesce to a field sobriety test, you are fully within your legal rights to do so. By agreeing to the test, you are only giving the officer an opportunity to strengthen his case against you which is exactly what you want to avoid. Politely but firmly refuse any requests to perform sobriety tests, even if the officer tries to tell you that you must.

Do not get argumentative

When dealing with police officers, always maintain a calm and polite demeanor. When refusing requests to answer questions or submit to tests, do so in a gentle and non-confrontational manner. The officer will be looking for any way to incriminate you and one method can be to escalate the situation and provoke you into an argument. This can lead to auxiliary charges so your best bet is to stay cool, calm, and collected and ensure you know your rights.



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