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Your DUI Attorney Explains Maryland PBJ

When you are charged with driving under the influence, you may be worried about facing potential jail time, excessive fines, and other grave consequences. But when you are charged with a DUI in Maryland, your DUI attorney may be able to work with you and secure a PBJ, or probation before judgment. What does it mean to receive a PBJ, and how is this a preferable result of your DUI case? Read on to find out!

Probation Before Judgment for DUI in Maryland Casesprobation-before-judgment

To receive a PBJ means that you are not being found guilty of driving under the influence. You have, instead, been put on probation prior to being found guilty. This is a much more beneficial outcome than receiving jail time, as it will not appear as a conviction on your official record and it will not have as severe an effect on your car insurance costs as well. There are certain circumstances that make receiving a PBJ more likely, including…

if this is your first DUI or DWI offense. While a PBJ is not automatic in these cases, first-time offenders are often more likely to receive a PBJ.

…if this is your first-time offense against Maryland law. With certain exceptions, a first-time offender for any felony or misdemeanor is more likely to receive a PBJ.

…if you are willing to seek treatment. In certain cases, if you demonstrate a willingness to attend therapy or rehabilitation as necessary, this can make your chances of receiving a PBJ higher.

While a PBJ is more likely in these cases, it is sometimes not possible to gain this judgment in your case. Your DUI attorney will be able to discuss with you the different circumstances in which Maryland law prohibits a PBJ ruling, including…

…if you have two or more DUI/DWI offenses within the last 10 years. Second or third-time offenders are not permitted to receive PBJs for their DUI in Maryland.

…if you violate an existing PBJ. If you were already granted a PBJ in a DUI case and repeated your offense  while driving with your provisional license, you are unable to receive a PBJ.

…if you have violated the Maryland Controlled Dangerous Substances law more than once. This law prevents a PBJ from being granted in cases of repeat offenses.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Maryland and want to know whether you can pursue a probation before judgment ruling, get in touch with a DUI attorney today for more information.

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