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Voluntary Federal DUI Checkpoints- When things go from bad to worse

DUI BlockI have written several posts about the propriety, or the lack thereof, of DUI checkpoints (see yesterday’s blog).  DUI checkpoints at the local and state level involve the police setting up roadblocks to stop drivers for NO LAWFUL reason in order to advise them of the dangers of drinking and driving.  This advice is being disseminated by uniformed police in the middle of the night.  The purpose behind these informational stops is to smell the breath and interior of the cars being stopped, observing signs of potential alcohol, and hassling the potential collar.  The driver is then directed to pull over and all the DUI crap begins, based upon a clearly unconstitutional stop.

The Federal Government has decided to throw its proverbial hat into the ring based upon this USA today article.  Evidently the NHTSA, in what can only be described as an illegal and unconstitutional witch hunt, (or to otherwise utilize its’ Federal funding) has decided to implement Voluntary Checkpoints by utilizing “contractors” (perhaps mafia, perhaps off duty police- the same either way) to do its bidding on the streets of this fine country.  So anyway, people in official police uniform are setting up voluntary roadblocks and evidently asking people if they will participate in the stop.  I suppose these are the sober people being asked because if they observe any sign of alcohol intoxication the stop will no longer be voluntary.

For those individuals that actually do participate in the voluntary stop, they are given breath tests, and in some cases blood is actually vacuumed from their body.  Apparently the contracted police are paying real money to people to provide either a breath sample or blood sample.  The bounty for a voluntary blood draw is as much as $50.  Now, why in the hell any decent, reasoning, logical citizen would ever stop to be a part of this colossal personal invasion is behind my comprehension.  Why anybody would allow a police authority figure to prick them in the arm and draw out blood is further beyond my comprehension, putting aside the health risk of allowing some bonehead whose sole purpose in this world is to jab your veins and use it against you in a court of law. Ahh yes, there is one other purpose; there is that pesky little DNA profile that the Federal Government seems more and more keen of developing on a daily basis.  The DNA profile can then be preserved and used to solve crimes going forward or backward in time.

All this invasion of personal liberty is against the backdrop of the CIA and their crap listening to everybody’s mobile phones across the country; are you kidding me? They where listening to foreign dignitaries calls before Mr. Snowden, presently in hiding in Russia, blew the whistle on this ridiculous behavior.  There seems to be a growing tide of sentiment to offer Mr. Snowden amnesty and to bring him home, which is what should happen.  It seems to me that it is hard to accuse a citizen of treason against the government for blowing the whistle on tyrannical, illegal, and overreaching government behavior.  In the colonial days, those people were known as patriots and forefathers of this country.  But, I digress….

If you happen to stumble across a roadblock whether it is state or Federal, you have rights.  Without reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing the authorities have nothing and you do not have to play their silly games.  If the Federal contractors ask you to voluntarily participate in anything, you should exercise your first amendment right loudly and clearly, if you get my drift!  The direction our government has been moving over the last several years has been nothing short of scary and one must be diligent to protect one’s rights before they are completely eroded; just ask Mr. Snowden, when he is allowed to return to this country without reprisal.

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