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UPDATE: Ray Rice Press Conference

Ray Rice Press ConferenceAfter Rice allegedly beat his – now – wife Janay Palmer, he suffered a lot of backlash from the media as well as some of his fans. While they’ve stood behind him for the most part, he hasn’t really given them much of a reason to. Last Friday, we informed you that Rice would be attending a press conference, which is one of the first times he’s spoken out about the incident since it occurred. Rice did indeed attend the press conference, though it didn’t exactly go well.

Rice did nothing to improve his public image during the press conference on Friday. If anything, he added fuel to the fire. He never apologized to Janay or his fans for the incident, but instead had Janay apologize for playing any role in the situation at all. Having the victim apologize doesn’t exactly look good for Rice, especially when there’s footage of him dragging her across the floor in an Atlantic City casino. At one point during the interview, he does say that he wishes he could “take back 30 seconds of [mine and Janay’s] life,” but that’s about as apologetic as he got. Most of his comments, other than that, were either self-pitying or dealt with his role as a Raven’s player.

Bad press-conference aside, more details have recently come to light about the case, though in a “hypothetical” manner that has allowed Rice’s lawyer to all but say what happened without actually saying any of it out loud. Hypothetically, the video of Rice hitting Palmer does exist, but the reason that Rice allegedly punched Palmer is that she had been assaulting him first and he simply got tired of it and hit back. All of this is, of course, hypothetical, but given the way that Rice’s lawyer delivered the statement, it seems that this is likely what actually happened in this assault case. Obviously Rice doesn’t want this alleged video out in public, so he did everything he could to make sure that the case never got litigated. It makes sense that he would prefer to stop the case in its tracks, but it still begs the question: what really happened in this domestic dispute case? We may never fully know.

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