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Tips from Your DUI Lawyer for a Safe St. Patrick’s Day!

For a holiday famously celebrated with beer and liquor, St. Patrick’s Day actually carries with it some rather sobering facts. Because of the level of alcohol consumption on that day, arrests for DUI, DWI, and other related offenses are at an all-time high. Luckily, by bearing this in mind and creating a solid plan, you can carry on with your festivities in a safe and low-risk way. Read on to learn more about St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and how you can avoid a DUI arrest.

dui-st-patricksHow Common Are DUI Arrests on St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day, while associated with Irish heritage and celebrating with friends, is often associated with binge drinking and overindulging in alcohol. Several stats show the high level of alcohol consumption that occurs on this day:

-Binge drinking, which has a high likelihood of occurring on St. Patrick’s Day, leads to approximately 85,000 deaths annually on a national basis.

-Binge drinkers have a likelihood of being charged with a DUI that is 14 times higher than the average.

-The beer industry boasts a staggering $245 million in sales on St. Patrick’s Day.

-1 percent of all the world’s beer is consumed on St.Patrick’s Day alone.

-Sales in Irish whiskey increase by up to 400 percent.

With the sheer amount of beer and liquor consumed on St. Patrick’s Day, it is easy to see how so many DUI arrests can occur on this holiday. But a DUI arrest is guaranteed to ruin what should be a fun celebration spent with friends. Plan ahead to ensure that your St. Patrick’s Day is a safe one by following these tips from your DUI lawyer.

How to Stay Safe This St. Patrick’s Day

  • Plan your route. If part of your plan is to go on a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl, make sure that decide ahead of time on which specific bars you will be visiting. Try, if you can, to select bars that are within walking distance of your home or a friend’s home- this will eliminate the need to drive altogether!
  • Designate a “sober buddy.” It may not be the most fun job, but someone has got to do it. One member of your group can function as the “sober buddy,” and they can not only be in charge of driving, but also of helping you and your friends keep track of your alcohol intake to ensure that you are not overdoing it.
  • Call a cab. If you don’t want someone to be excluded from all the fun of St. Patrick’s Day, call a cab to transport your group safely instead. Before going out for the evening, save a couple of cab companies’ numbers into your phone and make sure that your phone is fully charged. Remember, St. Patrick’s Day will be a busy day for cab drivers, so be patient and tip generously!

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