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The Importance of an Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer – Ready for Trial!

Criminal Defense LawyerHaving practiced criminal/DUI defense for over 20 years, there are several truisms that I have come to realize are valid in the pursuit of victory for our clients. The first and most important of which is saying and being “Ready for trial your honor!” As a criminal defense lawyer in Maryland, you would be surprised to know the number of attorneys who would prefer NOT to try criminal case. Some attorneys will attempt just about anything not to litigate your case; this all but guarantees a less than adequate result for you. Conversely, when trial counsel says the words, “Ready for trial,” and says them repeatedly before prosecutors and judges, a lot of good things can happen as a result.

The prosecutors quickly understand that your trial attorney is one that will fight for you. You have a criminal defense lawyer that is not afraid to take your case to the mat. This means when that prosecutor is trying to figure out how to handle the case, or what plea offer to make, they know if they are not fair or even generous in their offers that this matter is going to be tried. At trial, anything can happen and an experienced prosecutor knows that; an inexperienced prosecutor learns that lesson very quickly. The young and/or inexperienced guys often like to come out of the gate saber rattling and trying to litigate, but they soon learn that they may not have a handle on the law that they thought they did, or can’t produce the witnesses they had hoped, or the judge shoots down a witness or any number of other things that routinely happens at the battlefield known as trial. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of having an aggressive criminal defense lawyer.

It is impossible to relay the number of times that a cocky prosecutor has made some ridiculous offer in a case which is summarily rejected by this office. We then “try the case” and the government learns that the cop did not see what he thought he saw, the cop is not admitted as an expert as hoped, or the law is not what the government thought it was. Result: Case dismissed or verdict for the defendant; it happens all the time.

Another benefit of retaining an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to try the case is that judges know the attorney is a litigator and not a settler. This lawyer knows what he is doing and he will try the case; thus, obtaining appropriate and fair results for the criminal defendant becomes easier than if the attorney is one that settles every case that comes across her desk. You see, ultimately, it is the judge that makes the decision in a plea arrangement, so if you have a cocky, annoying prosecutor, but the judge understands the merits of the case better, the judge has the ability to make a more appropriate arrangement/disposition for the defendant. As such, having the judge “on your side” can be important.

When searching for an aggressive criminal defense lawyer, it would be wise to seek a trial firm that has a reputation for successfully litigating cases; one that has a documented history of success because this can carry weight in the court room and with a jury. The more serious a criminal charge you are facing, the more this advice applies to you. We have stacked the odds in favor of our clients by having a former Baltimore City prosecutor and a former Anne Arundel County public defender in our ranks. Robinson & Associates is a serious criminal defense firm in Maryland and we are relentless in the defense of our cases. Feel free to call anytime for a free consultation on your case. Night and weekend appointments are always available for your convenience.

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