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Ray Rice to hold Press Conference

Assault The popular running back for the Baltimore Ravens will be addressing the media and public today in a press conference with Janay Palmer. Ray Rice is facing simple assault charges for allegedly assaulting Palmer in an Atlantic City hotel. Janay Palmer was charged along with Rice and was his girlfriend at the time of the incident; the couple is now married. The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office decided to drop the charges against Palmer, who now goes by Janay Rice. This will be the first time Rice and Palmer have spoken publicly about the incident.

Ray Rice was recently admitted entry into a pre-trial intervention program that, which if successfully completed, could result in the charges being dismissed. The incident in question occurred in February when video showed Janay Palmer being dragged from an elevator in the hotel. According to police reports, Palmer was also knocked unconscious during the altercation. The program is to last one year minimum and would allow the arrest to remain on Rice’s record, but would generally result in the state not pursing formal charges. The program would cover a number of issues including anger management. The application to the program also included a letter from Janay Rice showing her support for her husband and his applying for the program.


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