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What are the Penalties for Check Fraud in Maryland?

Check FraudAs with most charges, there are different penalties different levels of infraction. Same is true for of check fraud, ie. writing and advancing a check or written instrument without sufficient funds in the bank to cover said check. No matter what the amount of the fraudulently uttered check in Maryland, it is considered to be a serious offense. In addition to the criminal penalties for such a crime you can also held responsible for treble damages or three times the amount the check was written for.  Obviously this offense will negatively affect both individuals and businesses, which is why these types of offenses should be taken quite seriously. The amount of the bounced check delineates the different types of penalties that can be incurred by the defendant.

  • Misdemeanor 1 – For check fraud up to $100, you can receive a fine and up to 90 days in prison. This is considered a misdemeanor in Maryland, but you can also face the civil/criminal punishment of three times the amount of the check.
  • Misdemeanor 2 – Charges from $101-$500 can result in up to 18 months in jail and a heftier fine. You also face the civil penalty as indicated above.
  • Felony – For a check fraud that is over $500, you can spend up to 15 years in prison and up to a $1000 fine. This variety of check fraud is a felony and can continue to haunt you for years to come. Convicted felons lose their voting rights as well as a myriad of other rights and opportunities as far as work, licenses and other matters.

If you have been charged with check fraud, first and foremost, do NOT speak to the police or any other party without consulting with experienced lawyer first. You need to speak to an experienced Baltimore criminal defense lawyer so that you know what to say, what not to say and or how to proceed forward in an appropriate fashion. Feel free to contact the attorneys at Bruce Robinson & Associates for a free and immediate consultation to determine your best course of action.

Robinson & Associates, located in Baltimore, Maryland is a premiere criminal defense law firm practicing for over 20 years.  With a former state’s attorney and former public defender, they have the necessary resources and experience to help resolve your situation quickly and successfully while supporting you throughout this difficult time.

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