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Maryland’s SPIDRE Program Targets DUI Suspects

Maryland drivers have a number of things to worry about on the road: busy traffic, roadway construction, and texting drivers, to name a few. But the efforts of the State Police may add to their concerns with the continuation of their strict and highly-targeted SPIDRE program. Read on to learn more about what exactly SPIDRE is and what it means for your security on and off the road.


SPIDRE is an acronym used to refer to the State Police Impaired Driving Effort, a program launched almost two years ago in May. SPIDRE essentially created a task force of state police whose primary goal was to seek out and stop (and sometimes arrest) anyone who they suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. Ostensibly founded to reduce the number of actual alcohol-related car accidents that occur, SPIDRE also has a secondary agenda: to boost the number of DUI arrests that state police make in a given month. Police officers are expected to reach a certain quota of arrests periodically, and if you are unlucky enough to be caught in SPIDRE’s web, you could end up becoming nothing more than another statistic contributing towards this quota.

SPIDRE Boasts of Successful DUI Patrolling Practices

Roughly halfway through 2014, the SPIDRE program was already boasting of over 900 DUI arrests, stemming from their over 3,300 traffic stops and standard patrols. These numbers, while no doubt impressive in the eyes of the chief of police, may contain a large number of people who were not, in fact, driving illegally under the influence of alcohol. If you can count yourself among that number, then it may become necessary to seek out an experienced DUI attorney who can help as you seek justice.

Not All DUI Arrests Are Created Equal

For every DUI arrest made by a SPIDRE task force member or other police officer that has valid reasoning behind it, you can be sure that there are those made under inappropriate circumstances. For example, if your field sobriety test was not administered correctly or you were not made aware of your rights during a traffic stop, then this could jeopardize the validity of your DUI arrest and give you just cause to defend yourself with the guidance of a DUI attorney.

Having a DUI attorney on your side regardless of the specifics of your DUI arrest is an absolutely essential component of ensuring you are treated fairly by the justice system. They will know how best to approach your case and how to proceed with the trial in such a way that you are not left suffering the long-term consequences of a one-time occurrence. Get in touch with Bruce Robinson & Associates today for more information.

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