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Maryland Identity Theft: Using Mail is Still Common

credit theft“Snail mail” has become less ubiquitous as a result modern technology and email. People prefer the speed and instant gratification of email, text messaging, and phone calls, and who can blame them? It’s much easier (and cheaper) to send an email than it is to take the time to pen a letter or even pay bills using a check in the mail. However, some people still choose to go the snail mail route and ironically are finding out that their personal information is going missing – to identity thieves.  Let’s take Baltimore native Jeffrey Shipley as an example.

Stealing and Destroying Mail

Jeffrey Shipley is a Baltimore native who was arrested last month for stealing nearly $10,000 worth of mail during his tenure as a mail man in the Catonsville/Parkville/Brooklyn area. When his stash of good was found, officers discovered over 20,000 pieces of mail. Some of the loot that he had accumulated included credit cards and passports – two documents that make it very easy to steal your identity. Authorities also found an immigration card as well as jewelry and more. He certainly managed to amass a treasure trove of identity theft articles during his decade as a mailman.

A woman in California, Elise Elizabeth Perez, was also caught stealing mail from the USPS and actively stealing identities to forge stolen checks and deposit money into her bank account. Officers found mail as well as a plethora of stolen checks and a driver’s licenses in Perez’ home.

Identity theft is considered to be a very serious crime for several reasons. It can affect credit and make it difficult to purchase a home or car for the person who has had their identity stolen. It can also result in the loss of hard earned funds – it cost Americans $8 billion dollars last year alone. So, what kind of repercussions could these two be facing if they don’t retain aggressive criminal lawyers?

Penalties for Identity Theft

  • Shipley needs a superior Maryland criminal lawyer or he could be facing 5 years in prison and up to $250,000 dollars in fines for a combination of identity theft, mail theft, and more for the state charges; the Federal government could also get involved if they so desire which would make things far more unpleasant for Mr. Shipley.
  • Perez will face similar charges. She could be serving up to 30 years in prison for bank fraud, up to 5 years in prison for stolen mail, and at least two years for aggravated identity theft. The only way that she’ll lessen her sentence is with superior criminal representation.

If you’ve been charged with identity theft, it can completely change your life. Everyone makes mistakes and reasons for identity theft can vary. An identity theft charges means that you’ll need to retain an aggressive Maryland criminal defense attorney. For more information and to schedule your free consultation, give Robinson & Associates a call at 443-524-7395 or visit our website. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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