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Maryland DUI Attorney Tips: Avoid Being Targeted by Police

Police officers patrol the roads looking for people who are speeding, driving recklessly, and displaying other kinds of behaviors that they believe could mean they are driving under the influence of alcohol. But while these routine patrols happen on a nightly basis, some yield more results for police officers than others do. This is because police officers know when and how to target drivers for a DUI arrest. Read on to make sure you know what kinds of situations put you at risk and how you can protect yourself from being wrongfully charged with a DUI.

dui-arrest-targeting The “Super Bowl of Drunk Driving”

 Police officers in Maryland and throughout the country took advantage of the recent Super Bowl Sunday to find and charge many people with DUIs. They knew that as people drove home from parties and bars, they would likely have had drinks earlier in the night, enough, perhaps, to have their blood alcohol level register near or above the legal limit. Even those drivers who were sober enough to drive could have technically registered a BAC test as intoxicated. The large amount of drivers on the road coupled with the alcohol-heavy evening gave police officers the perfect opportunity to target drivers and add to their total DUI arrest quota numbers all at once.

 DUI Arrests Rise with Holidays, Special Events

 Super Bowl Sunday is not the only time of year that police officers opt to target individuals for their drunk driving quotas. Holidays and special event days in general provide cops with the opportunity to seek out more and more people to charge with DUI. They know that these circumstances often lead to people who may have had a drink or two being out on the road, and they know that they can often get just enough (the bare minimum, in fact) evidence to charge them and fulfill a quotas. While this is unfair to drivers who are not actually breaking any laws and/or register below the legal limit for BAC, it can and does happen, and it is important to be prepared.

 Avoid Being Targeted for a DUI Arrest

 Knowing what you now do about the tactics of police officers, you can take certain steps to avoid being arrested for driving under the influence. On traffic-heavy holidays and evenings back from the bar, take extra caution while driving. If you have had a drink or two, even if it was earlier in the night, wait before driving or have a friend who has not been drinking drive you home. While it may feel unnecessary, it is better to be safe than sorry and to avoid being charged with a DUI under the flimsiest of circumstances. If, despite your best efforts, you are arrested for a DUI, get in touch with a DUI attorney today.


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