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Maryland Deputy Charged with Sexual Assault

officer sexual assault

Our police officers are supposed to make us feel safe and secure, not scared and fearful for our own bodily safety. Unfortunately, safety was not what Precious Elise Reaves experienced with deputy sheriff Lamar McIntyre as she awaited a court hearing in 2012. McIntyre allegedly took Reaves to a basement holding cell and committed acts of rape/sexual assault for the ensuing 30 minutes. This is also not the first charge that he has had levied against him. He was also indicted on charges of sexual misconduct with another correctional employee as well as an inmate in 2012. Following that, he was indicted for malfeasance in office. Reaves was granted a compensation of 1.7 million dollars for the emotional and physical trauma she received at the hands of McIntyre.

Although it’s very easy to see how McIntyre could lose this case, he made a significant mistake; he didn’t bother to find a defense attorney. He showed up to his trial with no representation. Though he may have a good idea of how the law works, he was clearly ill-equipped to defend himself or make decisions regarding what his best course of action was in the courtroom. The best decision for him to have made in a situation like this would have been to have hired an aggressive Maryland criminal lawyer – someone who could go to the mat for him. Instead, he decided to take matters into his own hands and is now suffering severe consequences. While a criminal defense attorney can never guarantee an outcome, proceeding to court on any charge without defense counsel  is never a good idea, and can lead to disasterous consequences.

If you’ve recently been charged with a crime, your best defense is a good offense. You need to find someone who is aggressive and can take your case. The criminal lawyers at Bruce Robinson & Associates can help you now. We have the experience and are ready to represent you during this difficult time. Don’t let a sexual assault charge ruin the rest of your life; to schedule your free consultation regarding a sexual assault or criminal matter, give Robinson & Associates a call at 443-524-7395. We’re available anytime day or night and are ready to discuss your charge with you.

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