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Maryland Criminal Trial: What to Expect on Your Day in Court

maryland criminal trialIf you are facing criminal charges in Maryland, your day leading up to and your day in court will be stressful, but you can make it through. Undoubtedly you and your attorney have put in much effort leading up to the big day so now all you have to do is make it through the day! A few things to remember on your court date are that you have to be presentable in front of the judge and jury.  That means being clean shaven and appropriately dressed for court.  Court dress is business attire or alternatively, what you might wear to church, not casual clothing as that leaves an improper impression on the fact finder in your case.  You have to be well prepared to give testimony and to be cross-examined if you anticipate taking the stand in your own defense. Before you attend your court date, your Maryland criminal lawyer will talk to you about how to present yourself at a criminal trial. There are a few things that a judge and jury will look for, depending on what crime you are accused of. Even though courts will sometimes look for specific things in your case, there are a few things that remain the same throughout any Maryland criminal trial. The following tips will help you present yourself the best for your case.

Tips for Courtroom Presentation

  • Show up early – Do not aim to show up on time; rather, show up about an hour early. The court will likely be behind (as is usually the case) but it does not mean that you should be. It is important for you to present yourself to the courthouse early so you know that you can find the proper room and have time to prepare yourself mentally.  Also, your attorney will most likely have things to go over with you beforehand so you want to be ready.
  • Dress your best – You may not think the way that you look is important, but it is. You will want to present yourself professionally and cleanly. Men should make a point to have clean, trimmed facial hair and wear a suit or nice button down. Women also should be well groomed and present themselves neatly. Your lawyer may advise you on specifics of your outfit if it is necessary for your case.
  • Stay on your best behavior – You should always be respectful to the judge as well as anyone who poses questions to you. Ask permission to speak and always address the judge as “Your Honor.” You should also avoid eating, chewing gum, or carrying a cell phone in the courtroom. If you need to drink, make sure that you are drinking water. Your behavior in the courtroom can directly reflect on your verdict.  If you interact with the judge, a lawyer, or a witness in your case in a disrespectful fashion, you may find that the judge or jury holds this against you and it can very well influence a bad verdict in your case.
  • Listen to your lawyer – Your Maryland criminal lawyer has your best interests in mind. Make sure that you listen to him or her and carefully follow the instructions given to you. You may not like all of them or even think that they are useful, but your lawyer knows best and will be able to help you get through your day in court with as few bumps as possible.

Finding a Maryland Criminal Trial Lawyer

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