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Maryland Criminal Law and Synthetic Drugs

Designer DrugsSynthetic drugs have been around for years, but Maryland and other states have struggled to curb their use. One of the main problems with synthetic drugs, as far as law enforcement is concerned, is that different versions of synthetic drugs keep popping up daily.  The difficulty with that is that in order to outlaw a particular drug the legislature must outlaw a particular compound or molecular make up or combination.  With synthetic drugs, the designer is able to customize a drug to either possess or not to possess a molecular makeup in order to avoid prosecution for a particular drug.  In the past, these designer drugs were not “illegal” at the state level and therefore could only be charged federally because state legislatures found in difficult to stay on top of the ever changing custom drug business.

What is a synthetic drug? These are drugs that are considered designer recreational drugs. They are compounds that are created by “entrepreneurial” chemists looking to cash in on their specialized knowledge and a growing niche business. The drug makers/chemists create the designer drugs to get around the Federal and state drug laws. However, the Federal government is constantly changing its laws and many states are following suit. K2, synthetic marijuana, and bath salts are but a couple that have been on the news because of their unusual, dangerous nature.

Synthetic drugs are terribly dangerous. The chemicals that make up these designer recreational drugs are not safe for human consumption and there have been many people killed as a result of using them. In fact, the drugs not only kill the person ingesting them, but they also have the propensity to cause that person to visit extremely dangerous acts of violence upon other innocent victims and law enforcement personnel. This is part of the reason why after October 1, 2013 an individual found selling, using or possessing different types of synthetic drugs will be charged directly under state law.

Under Maryland’s new synthetic drug laws, synthetic drugs are treated as schedule 1 drugs. This means that the Court deems them in the most dangerous categories of drugs, which subsequently means that punishment for the possession or distribution of such drugs is enhanced to the highest level. Bath salts, K2, and other synthetic drugs are being treated as a priority by the law enforcement agencies in Maryland and most other states where this drug issue has emerged.

If you have been charged with distribution or possession of synthetic drugs you should immediately seek the services of an experienced Maryland criminal defense lawyer. The attorneys at Robinson and Associates provide experienced and aggressive representation in drug related matters and can be contacted anytime for a free consultation.

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