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What Legalizing Marijuana Could do for Maryland

marijuana legalizationIf you have not seen the recent viral video about marijuana legalization, you should take a second to check it out (be aware that there is profanity in the video). A woman recently quit her job as a news anchor in Alaska on live TV to put more time and energy into her efforts as the owner of a pro-marijuana club. While there is certainly some comedic value to the video (especially the portion where the anchor who comes on next clearly has no idea what to do), the message that the anchor was trying to convey is that legalizing cannabis is an important step in freedom for Americans. Even more important to lawmakers is the fact that it is capable of bringing in some serious revenue in terms of taxable money. In this day of spending way more then we bring in, anything that allows the state legislators to raise more taxes is a big plus and very attractive.

How Much Money Could Legalized Marijuana Produce?

The tax revenue for legalization of marijuana is what many liberal legislators look at when the time comes to pass legislation. It is also an important piece of what they need more conservative legislators to look at. According to a recent study, Maryland could add additional tax revenues upwards of 40 million dollars by legalizing marijuana. That kind of money could change a lot of things in Maryland, especially when you consider how much money the state would be saving by not locking up or chasing “criminals” into court for smoking or possessing marijuana; not to mention that the study can only count people that admit to having smoked marijuana. Since it is still illegal, many will not openly state that they partake in marijuana.

It is not just Maryland that could raise a lot of money in taxes. California could make up to 500 million dollars from legalization and even states that are considered to be making little money off of it would be making nearly 10 million additional dollars in tax revenue. A nationwide legalization could completely change the state of America’s budget. However, we still have a long way to go before the Federal government tokes on that idea. While states like California, Florida, Oregon, and even DC look like they are moving closer to full legalization, Maryland is still having trouble passing medical marijuana laws. Hopefully they clear the smoke soon and start moving forward so that our police officers and law enforcement personnel can focus on more important crimes and so that we can start capitalizing on the money that legal marijuana sales can bring to our community.

Maryland Criminal Lawyer

Marijuana will be officially decriminalized in the state of Maryland in October. Until then, it is important to remember that being caught with marijuana is a criminal offense.   You’ll need to retain an aggressive Maryland criminal defense attorney. To schedule your free consultation on a drug charge or any criminal behavior, contact Robinson & Associates at 443-524-7395 or visit our website. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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