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So What Happens when a Cop Gets a DUI in Maryland?

DUI in MarylandAs a society, we expect police officers to uphold the law and set a good example for the general public. What happens when the police drop the ball themselves; what happens when the “policers” need policing? Baltimore County police officer, Charles Bagley, is an example of what a police officer should not be doing.  It is alleged in the Baltimore Sun that he was stopped and arrested for a DUI in Harford County.  Now he is suspended and dealing with the significant legal ramifications of poor decision-making. He’s going to need a DUI lawyer and a lot of hard work in addition to pure luck, since he was arrested in Harford County — probably the worst county for this type on infraction.

It is alleged officer Bagley went out on Sunday night and became intoxicated. Afterwards, he elected to go driving with alcohol in his vehicle and break a few traffic laws along the way. This Baltimore County police officer was pulled over in an SUV at 2 in the morning on Sunday after a fellow officer observed the traffic violations and alleged obvious intoxication of Mr. Bagley.

What’s next for Bagley?
It appears corporal Bagley is suspended from his normal police duties and has been relegated to administrative work.  One might argue that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime as far as the job is concerned. We still have to see what the disposition is at court; as of this moment in time, he is not quite guilty. However, considering where the offense happened, he is not far from it. Besides loss of his job, he could find himself facing a suspension of his license, a $1,000 fine, and jail time. Clearly this officer was not making sound decisions on the night in question and failed to “serve and protect the public.” However, he is human and people make mistakes.  It is just a severely unfortunate mistake when it comes to people in specific roles like this.

Because this is a DUI in Harford County, corporal Bagley will have to locate the very best DUI lawyer possible to assist him.  The ramifications from even a probation before judgment will come with a long period of probation, which will have ramifications at work.  If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, seek qualified counsel immediately, because it is important that defendant’s say as little as possible to anybody, including the police, regarding any situation they are charged in.  Anything you say WILL be used against you. Any field test you do, any breath sample you give, will be used against you in court.

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Source: Baltimore County Officer charged with Drunk Driving in Bel Air

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