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Governor-elect Larry Hogan’s View on Crime in Maryland

At the beginning of the month, Maryland’s midterm elections results gave people statewide something to talk about as our customarily left-leaning population voted in Republican Larry Hogan as the next governor. While the upset victory was making headlines across the country (if for nothing other than the sheer, unexpected novelty of it), one thing remained largely absent: What exactly are Larry Hogan’s views on crime in our state? Read on to find out more.

Crime in MarylandCrime in Maryland: Glossed Over By Gubernatorial Candidates?

Throughout this long campaign cycle, the focuses of the candidates seemed to be resoundingly clear. Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown’s campaign centered on his concern for working Maryland families and maintaining progressive social programs, while Hogan’s also addressed middle class Maryland, as well as the state of our economy. But an issue that never quite took center stage in either of the candidates’ platforms was that of crime in Maryland. While the priorities of the voters may have dictated what was discussed while the campaign was ongoing, now that we have a Governor-elect, it is time to discover exactly what he thinks about the issue of crime and criminal law in Maryland.

Approving Parole a Hogan Promise

When crime was discussed during the campaign, one issue that Hogan shared his view on was that of granting parole to life-term prisoners. He acknowledged that utilizing the power to grant parole, and to grant it quickly when the parole commission gave their recommendation, would be something his administration would become more involved in.

Hogan Prioritizes Prisoner Rehabilitation

Another of Hogan’s apparent hopes for the state’s crime rates is to lower them through strong rehabilitation programs for those individuals who are currently incarcerated. He supports the idea of creating and maintaining programs that help prisoners who are released to steer clear of a life of crime and to become active, contributing members of their communities.

Cameras on Police Cars

In light of the recent discussion of requiring the Baltimore police force to wear body cameras, it seems only natural to inquire Hogan about his view on that constructive change. During the course of the campaign, Hogan’s running mate Boyd Rutherford said that he and Hogan both supported the idea of putting cameras on police cars to keep cops honest and add transparency to the way the police department conducts itself. Whether this view extends to the use of body cameras as well we can only wait and see when Hogan takes office.

Though the Maryland gubernatorial election largely came down to the issue of the economy, it seems as though the Hogan administration will have new opinions to share and policies to implement regarding crime in Maryland. Check back with Bruce Robinson & Associates to learn more as those changes come to light.

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