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Fault in Rosedale Train Derailment Questioned

Train DerailmentAlmost a year after the train derailment and explosion that occurred in Rosedale, new evidence is showing that the truck driver is not completely to blame. CSX originally stated that the driver of the truck, John Alban Jr., was completely at fault for the collision and explosion. However, evidence now shows that the freight train’s ditch lights, or safety lights, were not on when the horn was engaged about 20 seconds before impact. The safety lights are designed to catch the attention of motorists who may not hear the horn and are located low on the locomotive for easier viewing. When the train’s horn is sounded, the ditch lights are supposed to flash to make the presence of the locomotive visually evident for motorists.

At the time of the crash, Alban claims that he slowed and looked when approaching the tracks; however he never saw the locomotive until the impact. A “stop, look, and listen” sign was present at the area, however the sign was hanging upside down, faded, and hidden by foliage. Alban is currently challenging the lawsuit filed against him by CSX for negligence. Alban was also charged with seven different citations in relationship to the crash. He was found guilty of three of the citations which included a negligent driving charge. Alban paid about $600 in court costs and fines.

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