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Father of Child Who Dies in SUV Pleads Not Guilty

hot suvHave you been keeping up with the Justin Ross Harris case? If you haven’t, we’ve got some details for you involving the case and the man himself. Last month, Harris reported that his toddler, Cooper, had died in his hot SUV after having been left there for 7 hours while Harris was at work. Harris’ story is that he had forgotten that Cooper was in the car when he went into work that morning – how you forget about your toddler strapped into the backseat is a mystery, but I digress. Originally thought to be a tragic mistake, more evidence has come to light that Harris may have committed murder.

The story begins with Harris (a married man) and his dating profiles where he goes by the alias of “RJ.” In one of his dating profiles, he was exchanging messages with a woman while Cooper was suffering in the hot SUV. It is worth mentioning that Harris has been married for 8 years and shares a residence with his wife. He also allegedly was exchanging messages and nude photographs with a minor female using one of these dating sites.

To make matters worse, an investigation showed that on the day his son died in the car, he had done a search on how long it takes animals to die on a hot day in a vehicle. Mind you it reached 88 degrees outside that day, meaning the temperature in the car could easily have been over 100 degrees. Harris didn’t take action to call emergency services until after he had already gotten back in his car and driven a few miles. There is no way at that point, when his son was already dead, that he didn’t notice him in the back seat. Or at the very least the unfortunate stench of the body in the backseat. The evidence is quickly stacking against Harris in this case. He’s looking at charges of murder as well as child cruelty, which could earn him a very long prison sentence if he’s convicted. Though he plead not guilty and his attorney is doing everything in his power to object to the testimony of women who allegedly talked to him via the dating site on the day of the incident, the judge of course, is eager to listen to them. There are still more digital files to go through that the prosecution plans on using as evidence. We’ll update you as the case commences.

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Source: CNN


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