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DUI Defense Will Come Up Against New Bill

Those individuals who are charged with DUI are already facing an uphill battle when it comes to their defense, and now with the passing of a bill in the Maryland State Senate, this battle could become even more challenging. If the bill moves on to the House and is signed into law, this could spell trouble for those looking to mount a strong DUI defense case on their own without a qualified DUI attorney. Read on to find out more.

Maryland Senate Passes New DUI Bill 46-0 Votesdui-defense-bill

The State Senate recently voted on and passed with an overwhelming majority a bill that would allow those injured in a car accident involving an allegedly drunk driver to seek punitive damages from that driver. As it stands now, people who are injured in car accidents are able to sue for economic and non-economic damages in the case of another driver’s negligence; these types of damages only pay for the medical care for the injuries themselves, as well as for the pain and suffering of the injured individual. Punitive damages are different. Punitive damages are specifically targeted at punishment above and beyond the other consequences those charged with a DUI face. If injured individuals become able to pursue punitive damages in their cases, this could create an even larger difficulty for a DUI defendant to face.

Punitive Damages Bill Will Create More Pressing Need for DUI Attorneys

In the past, the issue of punitive damages came down to the presence of “actual malice” on the part of the at-fault party. If it could be proven that the at-fault party was guilty of intending to cause harm, rather than simply guilty of negligence, then this cleared the path for a punitive damages claim to be filed. If this bill is approved, however, then that path will be cleared from the start, leaving those charged with a DUI in danger of having to lose more money on top of the economic/non-economic damages for which they may be held responsible. So who can help them fight their case?

Defense Against Punitive Damages Claims with a DUI Attorney

If this bill passes into law, then the need for a qualified DUI attorney will greatly increase. Now not only are individuals  fighting against expenses and potential prison time, but also the risk of having to pay punitive damages to the injured party in a DUI-related accident.  A DUI attorney can help someone charged with a DUI fight back against those filing such claims; even in the face of this new law, their chances of winning the case will be much higher with the right lawyer.

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