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DUI: 3 Things You Should Not Do When Pulled Over

Many people who are pulled over for the first time after having been drinking are not well informed of their rights in this situation. Not to mention that police officers will most likely not inform you of these rights, and will try to do everything they can to establish probable cause that you are driving under the influence. With this in mind, here are 3 things you should not do under any circumstances after getting pulled over on suspicion of DUI.


Here are 3 things you should not do if you get pulled over.

DUI: 3 Things You Should Not Do When Pulled Over

Do not admit that you drank any alcohol.

One of the first things the officer will ask you is if you have been drinking. Never admit to the police that you have consumed any alcohol. A voluntary admission of having consumed alcohol is the quickest way to get arrested and convicted of a DUI. You are not required to admit having consumed alcohol, and should not do so. Even if you fail the field sobriety tests (which you are also not required to take), you should still not admit you drank anything.

Do not attempt the field sobriety tests.

Some drivers think that they may be able to pass the field sobriety tests if they feel like they’re sober enough. The problem is that it’s up to the officer to interpret the results of the tests. His interpretation is subjective, not objective, which means he can very easily say that you failed the tests. Even if you think you do well on the tests, it’s not unlikely that an officer who believes you have been drinking will say you failed one of them.

Performing a field sobriety test will only help the officer build probable cause against you, which will hurt your case. The officer will probably not tell you that you don’t have to perform the tests, but you are absolutely within your rights to refuse. Learn more about sobriety tests in our blog.

Do not argue with the officer.

Never argue with the officer. Arguments can begin because you, in knowing your rights, refuse to submit to a sobriety test or answer the officer’s questions. He may try to provoke you into doing so by becoming heated and escalating the tension in the situation. If you know your rights, do not get into an argument about the officer about them. Remain polite in all of your interactions with the police, do not say anything vulgar, and do not say anything to deliberately anger or threaten the officer.

Remember that the officer is counting on you not knowing your rights in this situation. He is anticipating that as a result, you will unknowingly and willingly giving them up. The officer will do anything he can to get you to make a statement that helps his case, not yours. You don’t need to flout your knowledge, only to exercise it appropriately.


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