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What Constitutes Reckless Endangerment in Maryland?

Reckless EndangermentReckless endangerment covers a wide gamut of behaviors but essentially boils down to whatever behavior puts other folks at unnecessary risk of injury or death. The potential problem with this is that it gives cops a lot of leeway to determine what puts other people at unnecessary risk of injury; some people may feel that the answer to that is fairly obvious, while others feel that definition is too vague and difficult to enforce consistently and across the board.  Some more common reckless endangerment charges include:

  • Leaving firearms near children or otherwise accessible to them
  • Throwing things off of a freeway overpass
  • Driving fast enough that you’re considered a danger to yourself and others

Basically, reckless endangerment means that you’re doing something that could put someone else’s life at risk and or failing to consider the consequence of that behavior as it relates to other people. The problem is that one can see how this law could be discharged in a biased fashion when left to enforcement to interpret.

A reckless endangerment charge can easily endanger your freedom, too. Reckless endangerment in Maryland is a misdemeanor, but it can result in a $5,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison; keep in mind, this is all based upon what is interpreted to be reckless endangerment when you go to court. Because of the innately ambiguous nature of the charge, combined with its potential for jail time, a defendant charged with this crime will want the best Maryland criminal defense lawyer he or she can retain.

Whether potentially guilty or not of such a charge, it is always critical to seek competent counsel at once, since things can always change at trial. Do not say anything that could be used against you in a court of law; for example, speaking to police or police investigators in never a wise idea. This is better left to counsel.

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