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Chris Brown Released from Los Angeles Jail

chris brown jail timeChris Brown has had a rough few years. After his alleged abuse of Rihanna, he was charged with beating a paparazzi shortly after. Though that case is still pending, Brown was placed on probation. He violated that probation by checking himself out of a court-ordered rehab stay – this, of course, led to extra jail time. He was detained in March and was released early this morning. Hopefully he can manage to keep himself out of jail for a little while this time around, but with the assault case still pending, there’s really no telling what state Brown will be in a year from now. His celebrity status can only save him from so much, even though a few years ago he managed to evade a probation violation when he tested positive for marijuana use. One thing that can be said for Brown is that he likely has a very good criminal defense lawyer. Throughout all of Brown’s transgressions, he has managed to spend a total of maybe 90 days in jail (234 days of detainment, if including rehab).

Most civilians aren’t this lucky in the case of assault, domestic violence, and recreational drug use while on probation. Celebrities have a tendency to get off a little easier than your average Joe. In Maryland, assault charges can land you anywhere between 5 and 25 years in a state prison. Violation of probation generally means jail time or lots of extra community service. Testing positive for marijuana (especially while on probation) almost always equates to a fine or jail time as well, and will remain that way until November of this year, when it officially becomes decriminalized. It is always the goal of a good criminal defense attorney to mitigate sentences and make sure to shy away from maximum sentence for crimes. After all, people occasionally make uninformed or bad decisions or are entirely innocent. Being charged with any criminal behavior can change your life, as Brown has shown time and time again. Hopefully his time in rehab and jail has reformed him and he’ll take this chance to reflect on his decisions. Only time will tell.

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