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Can a DUI Arrest Affect My Career?

If you are arrested for DUI or other alcohol related offense, your immediate concerns most likely have to do with your legal situation and getting your named cleared. But there are other considerations in these situations: your reputation, your family life, and your career. A DUI charge can be a significant blow to the successful career path you are on, and it takes an experienced attorney to support you throughout the process to ensure that this does not happen. Read on to discover the different ways a DUI charge can derail your career and how the right legal counsel can keep you on track.

dui-affects-your-careerDUI: A Career-Ending Offense?

If you are charged with a DUI, the suspension of your license can affect your career in a number of ways, most obviously in that it may prevent you from getting to work. If you miss work or are routinely late because of an altered routine, this can lead to your being put on probation or even fired. Your job may be one that depends on your ability to drive, such as a commercial trucking position, and if your licensed is suspended then you no longer remain a qualified candidate for your job, and you could be replaced with a new employee with a valid license.

A DUI arrest may not necessarily get you fired from your job, but a DUI conviction could if your employers have a mandatory firing policy for those convicted of a crime. As competent and capable as you might be at your job, your employers would have no choice but to fire you in the face of such a policy. Oftentimes, this is nothing personal; employers are trying to protect themselves in the event an employee’s conviction causes their insurance costs to rise or compromises safety in some way. But personal or not, this still leaves you jobless and, consequently, without a salary.

Not only could a DUI conviction affect the job you currently have, but it could affect the job you one day hope to have. On many job applications, you are required to list any crimes that you have been convicted of, including a DUI, without much room to provide an explanation of the circumstances. This perceived “red flag” on an application is enough for some employers to throw out an otherwise qualified candidate’s application without a second thought.

Because a DUI charge can have such long-lasting and serious effects on your career, it is important to seek legal counsel so that you are not convicted. Get the help and advice of an experienced attorney and keep your career on the right path for the future.

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