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Black Friday Chaos Leads to Assaults, Arrests

The day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, has been a growing phenomenon in this country since the 1960s. Companies save their biggest deals of the season for this day, anticipating that many customers will want to to take advantage of the drastic savings before the gift-giving season. But Black Friday has come to be synonymous with a phenomenon other than sales: violence. Over the past few years, assault and battery cases reported on Black Friday have increased, drawing the nation’s attention to the inherent problems with this quasi-holiday. So what was this past Black Friday like for shoppers? Read on to find out more.

Black fridayAssault Arrests Overshadow Shopping Holiday

While many stores see floods of customers on Black Friday, not all see high levels of violence. Nevertheless, they do happen. One such incident this year was reported from a Kohl’s in California; three women were arrested after being accused of assaulting a fourth woman some time after midnight on Black Friday. This is far from an isolated incident. A wide range of injuries and crimes have been reported over the years on this shopping holiday, including car accidents in crowded parking lots, stampeding, shootings, fights, and assaults. Further injuries have been reported involving pepper spray that store security have attempted to use in order to “regain order” over crowds of restless shoppers.

Stressed Out Shoppers

The high-stress position that Black Friday shoppers are in is, at the end of the day, completely understandable. Not only are shoppers looking to preserve their household’s budget by taking advantage of holiday deals, but they are also forced into an unnatural sense of competition with their fellow shoppers, which can make for a volatile and potentially dangerous situation. Aggression in these situations is regrettable, to be sure, but can we say that it is preventable?

The Consequences of Black Friday Violence

In the stressful, high-energy environment created by Black Friday and other shopping around the holidays, people get caught up in the heat of the moment and engage in violence that they would not otherwise. A split-second decision like that, however, could end up costing you in the long run. Do not let one mistake dictate your future; if you are involved in a Black Friday assault case or similar case, then you will need an experienced team of attorneys on your side to ensure that this momentary lapse in judgment does not leave you suffering from disproportionately long-term consequences. Contact Robinson and Associates for more information.

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