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Baltimore Ravens’ Bernard Pierce Faces Harsh DUI Policy

When it comes to DUI arrests, even the most high-profile among us are sometimes forced to face extremely strict consequences. The latest example of this injustice is the Baltimore Ravens’ Bernard Pierce, who was recently arrested on charged of driving under the influence. Not only will Pierce have to deal with the fallout from his arrest and the toll it takes on his personal life, but also the hard hit his career has taken as a result from it. Read on to find out more.

bernard-pierce-duiPierce is Cut from Ravens After DUI Arrest in Maryland

Any football team or independent organization’s DUI policy might vary from case to case, but as far as the case of Bernard Pierce is concerned, it seems that the Ravens are maintaining a harsh, zero-tolerance stance. Pierce was cut from the team, derailing his entire career and leaving him with significantly limited options in terms of his next move. The support of his teammates and management would have been hugely beneficial at this difficult time. Instead, however, Pierce will be forced to face down negative public opinion in addition to extensive legal challenges on his own.

The Right DUI Attorney Can Be a Supportive Solution

No doubt Pierce, in the aftermath of his DUI arrest and devastating cut from the Ravens, is seeking the advice of an experienced and skilled DUI attorney. That is, for many, the sole source of comfort in this otherwise trying experience. The right DUI attorney knows not only how to help you win your case, but also how to support you throughout it. Pierce is going to have to contend with public opinion, which can be cruel and unforgiving, in addition to being stigmatized amongst his former teammates. You, in your own DUI case, might be facing the harsh criticism of those who are meant to be close to you: family, friends, and coworkers. Through it all, your DUI attorney will remain understanding and compassionate, all while working tirelessly to win your case and to help you avoid unnecessarily severe punishment.

Are DUI Policy Crackdowns the New Norm?

It seems that for a high-profile organization such as the Ravens, the upper levels of management do not want to risk their reputation by sticking up for someone in need of support. A DUI could be a one-time indiscretion or a sign that some form of constructive treatment is needed, but it’s more than unfortunate when it means the end of a hard-earned career. For Pierce and for others who have suffered as a result of their DUI arrest, having the right attorney on their side is the first step to getting their lives back in order.

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