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Baltimore Man Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault chargesWhen sexual assault charges are levied against someone, it immediately changes his or her life. In the case of 45 year-old John Thomas Leach of Baltimore, the chances that his life will ever the same is unlikely. He was arrested recently on charges of sexual assault as well as rape, assault, burglary and more undisclosed charges. Chances are, unless he has a phenomenal criminal lawyer, he’s going to be spending time in prison. One of his alleged crimes involved binding, gagging, and sexually assaulting a woman in his neighborhood before locking her in the closet so he’d have time to make his escape. If that doesn’t count as a sex crime, nothing does.

This is not the first time that Leach has been charged with a crime. In 1999, he received a conviction of first-degree assault. Since he already has that on his record and his current charges are so significant, he’s going to need an experienced criminal lawyer. While there may be little chance that he’ll be able to escape prison time altogether, he may have his sentence lessened if the criminal defense lawyer can find any loopholes or weaknesses in the evidence. There is no doubt that the prosecution will be using every resource that they have in a case like this one. The more knowledgeable and aggressive Leach’s criminal defense attorney is, the better. One of the biggest obstacles that Leach will have to overcome in his upcoming court proceedings is that there is DNA evidence against him. While it is not officially confirmed how Baltimore police got a hold of Leach’s DNA, chances are a sample was taken from him when he was convicted of his first assault charge, since 1999 was the first year that those convicted of a crime were required to provide DNA samples. Basically, in this case, Leach signed his own warrant.

Remember that police have the right to take your DNA when you’re charged with this type of crime and that it can come back to haunt you in the long run, especially if you commit another crime of the same nature. If you’re convicted of a crime that involves assault or is of a sexual nature, you need to immediately contact qualified, aggressive counsel. At Bruce Robinson & Associates, we know how to work within the system to help you get the best possible outcome to your case. If you have any questions about sexual assault charges or need a free and immediate consultation, give us a call at 443.524.7395 or click today.


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