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12-year-old Girls Repeatedly Stab Friend

stabbingWe hear horror stories nearly every day, but the one that shocked the media most recently was about a pair of 12-year-old girls who decided to take it upon themselves to be proxies for the mythological “Slender Man.” Overall, this didn’t go well for anyone involved. The two girls led their friend out to the woods where they stabbed her 19 times, barely managing to miss an artery near her heart with one of the wounds. She survived somehow, but will likely suffer severe emotional trauma for the rest of her life. The girls appeared in court for the first time earlier this week and will likely be tried as adults for this extremely violent act – a rare thing for children as young as these two.

Most people seem to agree with trying the two girls as adults, rather than dealing with this issue in Juvenile Court, where they aren’t likely to serve as long of a sentence. The lawyer would prefer to have the girls tried and sentenced in Juvenile Court, for obvious reasons. If they’re tried and convicted as adults in a regular court of law, they’re each looking at up to 60 years behind bars for first-degree attempted homicide. The charges may be lowered, but since they had allegedly been planning this attack since December, it seems unlikely that the girls will be able to escape from this one. They will almost definitely do some kind of time, whether it’s through Juvenile Court or a regular court in the State of Wisconsin remains to be seen. Court Commissioner Thomas Pieper said of the case, “I recognize their young ages, but it’s still unbelievable.” This would be a tough case to deal with, overall. If the girls are found guilty, they committed what will be seen as an atrocity by the judge and jurors. If they’re found innocent, there will still likely be years in therapy involved for all parties. Juvenile cases are always complicated anyway because you have to ask the question – did they really know what they were doing or were they just kids who made an unbelievably bad decision? There is, as always, an argument to be made for both cases. The criminal defense attorney for the girls has got a lot on his plate with this case, as he should with such heinous acts. He might just be able to shorten their sentence if he plays it right, though.

Being charged with attempted murder is rough for anyone at any age. You need strong, confident legal counsel for the many court dates that are likely to lie ahead. Bruce Robinson & Associates knows how to help you work through the case, both in and out of the courtroom. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation with Bruce Robinson & Associates, Call (443)-524-7395 or click today.


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